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Posted January 19th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

This theme comes supplied with the following images. After you set the theme up you should change out these images for ones suitable for you and your needs. If for some reason you want to keep the default images and simply change the text on the two masthead images — one’s a hover/focus image — you may.

Very Important: If you change out the images yet keep the default theme colors, please know that the main background is not white, #fff, or #ffffff. The color is an off-white written as #fafafa. Use the right background color else users with good quality browsers will see the difference and it will not look very good.

Okay, here are the theme images (these are located in the theme’s images folder which will be found using the /wp-content/themes/beastblog-v2/images/ path):

This next image is the “screenshot” image for the admin interface. (This image is located in the theme’s main folder which will be found using the /wp-content/themes/beastblog-v2/ path:

Note: Included with the download are the native, unflattened PNG images I created when exporting the images above. They are in a folder called /beastblog-v2-natives/. Also included with the download is an image pack from the original Beast-Blog v.1.1. These images are located in a folder marked as /beastblog-v2-original/ (complete with original theme style sheet and form styles).

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