Beast-Blog v.2.0 Introduction

Posted January 21st, 2007 by Mike Cherim

If you’re looking for a powerful, dynamic WordPress blog theme that’s accessible, usable, solidly-built to high standards, and attractive, you’ve come to the right place. To date this is my best theme yet and I’m happy you’re here to check it out. Let me share with you the theme’s features and characteristics… Latest Build: 20070715.01 See Change Log »

Accessibility & Usability

I am an accessible web developer, meaning I make sites and web application themes which are accessible and usable to the largest segment of the population possible, including the disabled. This theme is no exception. It offers the following features:

  • Complete masthead image replacement technique for blog title and description.
  • Adaptable on-demand skip links/jump links.
  • Fully resizable text — even on Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Welcoming initial text size.
  • Fully dynamic site map template.
  • Site map containing error page.
  • Enhanced smart-return site search.
  • Keyboard user friendly, enhanced focus.
  • Offers a secure and accessible contact form plugin.
  • Much more including unique links and link *separation.

*Excluding the “Bookmark Me” plugin.

Search Engine Optimized

A standards-built accessible site just happens to be a lot friendlier to your favorite blind user: the search engine spider. This theme also features content-extracted titles for easier page indexing.

Valid & Strict Standards

This theme is built to the XHTML 1.0 “Strict” level and is valid on all pages and templates. Moreover, all the markup is used in a semantic and legitimate way. No cheating.

Multi-Platform Compatible

Not only is this theme cross-platform compatible — it’s been tested on several browsers — it’s also designed to be screen reader and text browser-friendly. Moreover, a print style sheet is included for those who wish to print content, and a handheld style sheet has been provided for those Blackberries, Palm Pilots, cell phones, and other small screen handheld browsers.

Integral Plugin Support

This theme is designed to provide near-instant support for three popular plugins: My own Secure and Accessible Contact Form plugin, the Semilogic Bookmark plugin, and the W-a-s-a-b-i Related Posts plugin.


There are pre-set styles and locations for four popular sizes of ads. All you have to do is insert the content and upload the ad image to the folder of your choice.

Welcomes Added Content

Several locations, especially on the sidebar, have been clearly identified for all your add-ons, plugins, and “stuff” so you can add it all with messing up the rest of the theme, assuming the “stuff” you add is of good quality.

Sticky Home Ready

If you want some static content such as an intro or strap-line on your blog’s home page, this theme is ready for it, all you have to do uncomment the section and add your content. Also, a special file has been set-up if you want to have a static home page.

Smart Custom Templates

This theme comes complete with three custom templates designed to perform specific functions or meet special needs. These include “Contact,” “Site Map,” and “Widebody.”

Dynamic Menu System

If you want an order-editable, fully dynamic navigation menu system for your blog’s “Pages,” this theme is is fully equipped to deliver.

Instant Author Support

Displaying the post author’s name on posts and the primary blog author bio information in the “Blog Author Box” can be done instantly with two simple steps.

Added Features

Special features have been integrated to this theme for various reasons. An example would be the ability to add custom descriptions and keywords (on posts and pages), as well as adding custom pull quotes (to posts).

RSS Feed Friendly

Not only has the primary RSS feed link been added to the navigation menu for the world to see — and use — and extra feature has been added so you can also provide an instant Feedburner RSS link with ease.

Richly Supported.

This entire blog is dedicated to the support of this theme. It features numerous categories and posts on a variety of related topics, the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a Support Post, and even a Contact Form in case you get stuck.

Hands-Free Configuration

The included super-simple Configuration file allows you to manage and implement a handful of must-have functions without forcing you to delve into the template files. I tried to make it smart and easy.

Multiple Security Enhancements

In addition to the built-in security inherent in WordPress, this theme offers additional security such as config variable sanitization, two-method direct access include and page blocking, and directory null indexing to keep prying eyes from, well, prying.

Top-Quality Open-Source

I’m going to toot my own horn and tell you that this Free theme rocks. I went above and beyond the call of duty pouring well over 40 hours into the project. For all this work I have three simple terms and conditions posted on the Download page. I think you’ll find them reasonable and acceptable. If you really like what I’ve done and want to show your appreciation even more, please consider making a monetary contribution.


This theme and its contact form does work on version 2.2 of WordPress and older. :)

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