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Terms and Conditions

There are three things that I ask of you and by downloading this theme you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

  1. You will not re-distribute this theme or claim it as your work. If you do modify the theme do so as you wish, but do provide proper attribution.
  2. Keep my link on your footer please. I spent a lot of time getting this just right, and it is free, so I don’t think asking that you keep the link is out of line. If you really love it, you can always make a donation in addition to the link.
  3. Try to keep the theme valid and accessible. Since it’ll be my link on the footer, I sure would like it if you kept it in tip-top condition. Some of your visitors will appreciate it, too. A win-win situation.


I tried my best to make everything as perfect as it can be and as secure as possible. That said, by downloading this theme you are holding me harmless and you do acknowledge that you are solely responsible. I cannot and will not be accountable or liable for any damages, direct or consequential. In other words, use this theme at your own risk.

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German Version Available!
German Version released March 1st, 2007
Translation by: “Frank RichterDanke!
Download Deutsches Version

Extra, extra… This theme and its contact form does work on version 2.7.x of WordPress. I’ve not heard back about the other plugins but I think it’s a go! :)

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