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These are some theme Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Try this support questions post.

I wanted to be cool and unique and renamed some of the files and folders, now I’m having problems with the theme. What do I do?
Rename everything back to how it was or download the theme again and chalk it up to experience. Edit images, edit content, modify the style sheets, but do not remove images, files, or folders, even if you’re a well-versed in this stuff — I swear it’s not really worth the trouble.
I installed the theme and the name of my blog and its description are not showing up on the masthead. Why?
If you were to remove the masthead image you’d see your blog’s name and description are in fact present. This is for search engines and accessibility. But the masthead is an image — two images actually as the interior pages have a hover/focus state — and the image itself needs to be modified using image editing software like Fireworks, PhotoShop, or Gimp. This allows you to be more creative with the masthead and the typeface used on it. If you can’t or won’t work with images you have three options: Use another theme that has the text layered on top of the image; edit the style sheet to change this, or hire someone (like me) to do the imagery for you.
I created a new masthead image set with white backgrounds but they don’t look right.
The theme’s background color is off-white, #fafafa, not pure white as in, #fff, #ffffff, “white.” You need to make sure the background color of your images matches.
How can I set a more logical ordering of the pages in the dynamic navigation menu?
I did make the menu so it can be ordered. To adjust the order as you like go to the “Manage” page in the admin, then click the “Pages” tab. Select your pages one at a time from the “Page Management” list and “Edit” them. On the sidebar of the “Write Page” editor page, next to the textarea, you’ll see a small box titled “Page Order.” Enter a number and Update the page. Starting with “0″ (zero), number your pages until they’re all edited and in the order your want. Zero will show up right under the “Blog Navigation/Blog Home” link, the higher the number, the further down the menu the link will reside.
I want to suggest adding a particular WordPress plugin to the theme download and configuration. Are you open to suggestions?
I can make no promises, but I will listen and consider. I was already thinking about a recent comment plugin and syndication links but didn’t want to go overboard. It’s easier to add stuff than to take stuff away.
Some parts of the theme aren’t as accessible as they could be; why is that?
There were absolutely no edits make to any files outside the theme. And that’s what would be required to correct the few minor issues. In my opinion, anything outside of the theme folder and plugins, is effectively considered a WordPress core file. This isn’t exactly the case, but it’s a safe assumption. Editing core files impedes upgrading WordPress so it’s best avoided.

As questions come in I will update this. I have started with questions I’ve heard before in regards to other themes I have created.

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