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Released as Private Beta

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 28th, 2006

The final, public release of this theme should take place at any time. Presently it is in its last private beta release and really I don’t expect anything will come up. But I will see. I have two people that are going to be trying it out for size. Much to my surprise I’ve had a number of visitors here and already my feed is being subscribed to by a handful of people. I would like to have another beta tester or two so if you happen to see this and want to lend a hand, please Contact Me.

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Features Request Feedback

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 27th, 2006

If you would like to post a request for a specific feature or features, please feel free to do so here. All requests you be read and considered. Not all will be acted upon. Alternatively, you can Contact Me, to make a theme feature request.

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The Blogger’s Boxes

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 26th, 2006

The “Blog Functions” box, the “Blogger’s SideBar,” the “Blogger’s FarBar.” These areas are for all those other “things” and any static content you might want to display. They are made for your needs. One of the common WordPress maladies I see a lot is people put stuff in their Sidebar files, which can be a bit difficult for some people to get their bearings in — and they end up having problems with validation and often even suffer presentational issues. The mark-up is not a place everyone wants to mess around in. Some people would rather just stay out. I make this possible by separating these content areas from the surrounding mark-up and scripting. To offer a safer environment in which to work.

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Search Engine Love

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 26th, 2006

On the SeaBeast theme, matters of SEO have been addressed with the same passion that accessibility has. I want SeaBeast theme users to be found. If they are, it’s good for everyone. The user will have a greater number of visitors, and some of them might pay me a visit because of the footer credit links. A win-win situation. Here’s what I did with this theme to enhance your exposure.

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Default Theme Image Pack

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 26th, 2006

This theme comes with a number of style images. These images are the one you will modify when you make this theme yours — though you will get the PNG native files and well as the exported JPG files in the download. What follows in a list of these images so you can view them in a stand alone way. Please note that the background color of these images matches the default theme background. And it isn’t white, it’s off-white or #fffffa, specifically.

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Slow Contact Form

Posted by: Mike Cherim on May 26th, 2006

It can take up 15 seconds to submit the contact form. This is a bit slow. There are no reported errors though and the only thing I can think of it the sheer amount of processing power it takes to send. In the script there are roughly forty functions, variables, and conditions which need to pass before the mail function sends the visitor’s message. Most of this is for form security.

Status: This issue has been closed. There is no problem. It was nothing more than a server running sluggishly for a day.

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Important: This theme requires configuration! Read Instructions.

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This file, USERS_FUNCTION, is yours for adding such blog add-ons as flickr, Skype, and other non-WP goodies. Do try to keep items added to this section at around 120 pixels or less in width to prevent the sidebar from slipping in IE on 800x600 resolution monitors. Need to add CSS styles for items in this box? Easy, use the USERS_CSS file to do so. Then validate!

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This file, USERS_FARBAR, is yours for whatever you wish. Text in simple paragraphs, <p></p> lists, whatever. This is a liquid-width column. That said, you should to keep whatever — fixed-width item — below 120 pixels wide. Again, that concerns fixed-width items, self-forming, liquid items like text in paragraphs will adjust its own width. If you must place a slighter wider item, you can use the USERS_FUNCTION or USERS_SIDEBAR file to do so, but do note that that too should remain thin at only 162 pixels as it is a fixed-width column.

Added Headings!

You can also add headings in these user files. As many as you like. On and on she goes, where she stops. nobody knows! Do remember, though, in these file you have to use proper XHTML. Of course, this content can serve as example to you. Need even more help? Well, professional help is available.

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