Report Theme Bugs Here

You have a couple of options if you encounter problems, bugs, or issues: You can Contact Me, or you can post here for all to see:

2 Responses to “Report Theme Bugs Here”

  1. feldon responds:

    Hi Mike,

    This isn’t really a bug, but I’ve noticed that many people using Firefox with AdBlock usually block all images containing the word banner. Therefore it might be good idea to rename the big fish above from sb_banner to sth more AdBlock friendly.

    That’s all. Thanks for sharing this great theme!

  2. Mike Cherim responds:

    Thanks Feldon. That is a sound idea. At some point in the (near?) future I plan on making a couple of tweaks to this theme and release v.1.3 so I will have to add that to my to-do list.

    Your feedback is appreciated :)

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