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If you would like to post a request for a specific feature or features, please feel free to do so here. All requests you be read and considered. Not all will be acted upon. Alternatively, you can Contact Me, to make a theme feature request.

14 Responses to “Features Request Feedback”

  1. Test responds:

    Testing the comments!
    Great theme!

  2. Mike Cherim responds:

    Thanks Test. :)

  3. Test responds:

    You’re welcome!
    I actually installed it on my test blog.
    Of course, you can’t see it cause my directory is password protected but I am LaBella who commented over at wordpress.org about how the configuration process is a bit discouraging?

    But I wanted to add that it really wasn’t that hard at all. Nor complicated to say the least. So thank you very much!
    This is an awesome theme Mike!


  4. Mike Cherim responds:

    Excellent to hear that. Thanks for the feedback La Bella.

  5. Dev responds:

    Hi! I downloaded this them and I think it’s great! very configurable, that makes it easyer for me to make it more personal since I don’t know much about php codes, thanks alot! I have one request tough, I would like to have a background image in the head, body, and in the sidebars, I have no idea how to do that. and it would also be nice with some info on how to add flickr in the sidebar

  6. Mike Cherim responds:

    Hello Dev,

    To modify the images, you will simply create the images you want, then put your images into the seabeast/images folder. You will want to consider three things when doing this: The size of the image, the background color, and the images type (format: jpg, gif, png).

    Also note the the banner or masthead has two images, the static and hover image (hovers on pages other than home). sb_banner.jpg and sb_banner_on.jpg

    Regarding the Sidebar, the “sb_logo” and “sb_logo_on” do the same thing. The size in this case is 160px wide but whatever length you want (the length is set in the USERS_MODS file, part 2 of 3, and I suggest not making it longer than 300px). You’ll see this:

    $logo_height= "160"; // 0-300~ pixels (by 160 pixels)

    0 makes it disappear altogether. In this file you get to choose the image type as well as other stuff like alt text and link location.

    Here’s some more info of Modifying Your SeaBeast Theme they may help further.

    If this leads you to more questions, just ask ‘em.

    Enjoy the theme.


  7. Dev responds:

    I think you miss understod me, or I am bad to explain, probably!? I don’t want to change the images allready there, I want to have an image for a background instead of the white color, my idea is to have the background of the intire site look like a brick wall or something like that, I have great plans to make a really personal theme out of this one. I mean, it is very nice as it is, but I want to have something that nobody else has, your theme is so very configurable:)

  8. Mike Cherim responds:

    It was me, not you. To have a full background image, you will create your file (a small one since bricks are a pattern) for your background, and upload it as instructed, but then you will go into the USERS_CSS file and add something like this to repeat the image.

    body {
      background : url(images/sb_yourBGbackground.jpg) repeat 0 0;
    /* The 0 0 positions it to begin repeating from the upper-left conrner */

    This will override the rule for the existing image because the USERS_CSS comes after the main CSS and inline config’d CSS in the document’s cascade. Doing this you can also change the image type to gif, png, etc.

    Then, using the USERS_MODS config, you’ll want to change the Content, Sidebar, and Farbar background colors accordingly if transparent won’t do. If, per chance, you want to put images in those areas, you will have to apply the USERS_CSS instructions above, but for those sections:

    #sidebar {
      background : url(images/sb_yourSBbackground.jpg) repeat 0 0;
    #farbar {
      background : url(images/sb_yourFBbackground.jpg) repeat 0 0;

    That should fix you up.

    You’ve given me an idea: I may facilitate more backgrounds in the next version release. Or at least make it to one can choose to repeat the body background or not. That would be very beneficial for people like yourself that want to have a larger background (thanks).

    Please let me know if that answers your question better.

  9. Dev responds:

    yes thank you, very useful. btw, the sea star image sb_logo dont’ show for me? no matter what I do, whats the secret? even tough I didn’t change anything from original?

  10. Mike Cherim responds:

    There could be a couple of reasons for that. The image isn’t images folder, the height is set to 0, the generator.php or sb_v_token files were modified, or the theme name was changed, or, the path isn’t configured properly. Or the image was given an extension it doesn’t have. If you turn off styles (not sure what browser you’re using, but you should be able to do this), scroll to the bottom of the page. There you should see 4 images, sb_logo_on.jpg, and three “Read” icons, these are “pre-loaded” images which rely on the path, also the contact page requires it. Moreover, the hover banner should appear at the top of the page with styles off. I do this so hover effects will work quickly, even if someone has dial-up, as the images are downloaded by the user as soon as the page is loaded.

    If none of this solves the logo problem, or if I’m not being clear, please let me have a link to the installation so I can check these things (some of ‘em anyway) myself. If you don’t want to post the link here, that’s fine, just use my contact form to send it.

  11. Dev responds:

    oh I really am a noob as you might have guessed :/ anyway I have sent you a link, if you want you can fix this and if you have time, the background image cus I can’t fix that either. any image might do, I can allways change it later, thanks for all the help

  12. Mike Cherim responds:

    You’re all set now. :)

  13. Dev responds:

    you are the greatest :D

  14. Mike Cherim responds:


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