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I’m sorry, but I’ve closed this showcase as I did on my Beast-Blog theme for a number of reasons. Here’s why:

  1. It’s too difficult to keep current.
  2. I don’t have the time.
  3. It can get out of date fast.
  4. Hackers can use the list to find you.

Regarding Hackers

Anyone can download this theme. Thus the file names and structure are known. Like other themes, file security — being files are system writable (666) so you can edit them in the Theme Editor — is dependant on your server’s security. If you have directories for Uploading set to 777 (-rwx-rwx-rwx-), as WordPress [ill]advises, and as they must be to make WP uploading possible, you are vulneranble as hackers can become part of your server group. Once in, they have the same rights WP does. Changing you files to 644 is not the fix (it’s a bandaid). The fix is to reset any 777 directories to 755 as they should be to be safe. By removing the showcase, I am not pointing out who is using the theme and its file structure so hackers’ CHMOD-listening ‘bots can’t go from site to site using my list looking for vulnerable directories you may have. If I don’t have a list of sites, they can still find you, but they can’t use my list to do it. My advice in all instances: Secure your directories! Don’t count on not being found! 777 is NOT safe!

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Blog Functions

Important: This theme requires configuration! Read Instructions.

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This file, USERS_FUNCTION, is yours for adding such blog add-ons as flickr, Skype, and other non-WP goodies. Do try to keep items added to this section at around 120 pixels or less in width to prevent the sidebar from slipping in IE on 800x600 resolution monitors. Need to add CSS styles for items in this box? Easy, use the USERS_CSS file to do so. Then validate!

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Blogger’s FarBar

This file, USERS_FARBAR, is yours for whatever you wish. Text in simple paragraphs, <p></p> lists, whatever. This is a liquid-width column. That said, you should to keep whatever — fixed-width item — below 120 pixels wide. Again, that concerns fixed-width items, self-forming, liquid items like text in paragraphs will adjust its own width. If you must place a slighter wider item, you can use the USERS_FUNCTION or USERS_SIDEBAR file to do so, but do note that that too should remain thin at only 162 pixels as it is a fixed-width column.

Added Headings!

You can also add headings in these user files. As many as you like. On and on she goes, where she stops. nobody knows! Do remember, though, in these file you have to use proper XHTML. Of course, this content can serve as example to you. Need even more help? Well, professional help is available.

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