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This page is 95% wide and a clean, open, and inviting space for you to do whatever, like posting large images or posting large code bodies. No Sidebars, No Farbars. Header and footer. To get this page, all you have to do is create a page in WordPress and select the “Links” template. Easy as pie.

In creating the SeaBeast theme I also made another use for this template, as its name implies, it can be a page for links, all of them. A Site Map if you will. Your pages, your categories, your external links, your archives, meta, the works. All you have to do is create a page in WordPress using the “Links” template. Then, in the USERS_CONFIG file enter the page id number. Once you do that, that page will display all the links and appropriate content.

In case you’re wondering, the other available template, the Archives Template, is identical to the default template as in it is a content column with the Sidebar, Fabrbar, and omni-present Footer. Hopefully this’ll work well for people. I put the links on almost every page’s Sidebar and Farbar so navigation should be a breeze, and the Site Map function I made really serves a big purpose. I added lots of jump links and good dynamic headings on that page so it shouldn’t be too much of a hiderance for those getting around by means of keyboard or assitive technologies. I did that on the 404 error page too, but I have my own error pages so I haven’t actually tested the WordPress one. I made it blind. I hope it works, hee-hee.

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