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I spent many, many hours making this. First round was for a client, and two people have been testing out the alpha build. Beta has been tested with positive results. There are not errors being produced by the PHP, the version 1.0 XHTML is valid to the strict level, and so too are all of the supplied CSS files valid, and the JavaScript employed for form field focus in Internet Explorer is error-free. In other words, I’ve done about all there is I can do to ensure the theme will work on your installation of WordPress, and all of the functionality I’ve added will indeed function.


  1. Read the Installation Instructions carefully and follow them.
  2. Please keep tabs on the Issues Category for any new issues or bugs. You may want to subscribe to my RSS Feed so you can stay abreast of changes, bugs, theme upgrades, and more.

Important Notice

Despite WordPress’s want of their contributors to not use PHP shorthand (I didn’t know it when I started building), I used some in this build. You may want to confirm your PHP server software is set to recognize shorthand PHP (short_open_tags : true (or On). Fear not, though, I haven’t seen but one server yet that doesn’t so the chances yours won’t function as expected is slim to none. Otherwise the theme is pretty much written to the standards suggested by WordPress.

Contact Page

The Contact Page is not part of WordPress. It is a part of the SeaBeast theme. In other words, if you change themes, the contact page will not follow you. Nor will any of the functionality (like the stats) or enhancements (like styles configuration). It’s all part of the theme.

The contact form has been protected as much as possible. This is done by way of required fields, required pull-down (select), email formation match, referrer match, submission value match, proper user agent confirmation, and input sanitizing. In other words this form will be a big convenience for people who choose to contact you on legitimate business, and to those people and servers that send out spam, it shouldn’t be a targeted form.

Support Status

I do offer some Support Options, some of them free, but for all practical purposes you’re on your own. In other words, once the theme’s downloaded it’s yours with exception to the one credit line on the footer. By using this theme you will bear all responsibility and assume any and all risks. I will not be made liable or held responsible for any damages, direct or consequential, related to the use of the accessible SeaBeast theme for WordPress.

User Agent Support

This theme has been tested on a huge assortment of equipment, and where applicable on monitor resolutions of 800×600 and 1024×768. It fares very well. It is optimized for newer browsers including Internet Explorer (IE) 7 for which it has been well tested on the beta 2 and 3 builds (rendering ability will be final), IE 5.x and IE 6.x (amazingly), Safari 2.x (Macintosh), Mozilla 1.x, Firefox 1.0.x, Firefox 1.5.x, Camino, Konquerer, Opera 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, AOLs 1.5 and 9.x, Flock 0.5 pre, Netscape 7.x and up, Opera Mobile, and Openwave SDK cellphone simulator, Opera Voice (sounds lovely), and Lynx text browser. The theme functions fully without user-side script enablement, styles, or images. Contrast has been tested at and has been deemed satisfactory in its default form. Text colors can be easily modified by the user, however, if the user deems it necessary to suit his or her tastes or the visitors’.

Known shortcomings in the area of browser support include limited amounts of breakage, most notably in IE 5.2 (Macintosh). There is also mild breakage in Netscape 6.2. Netscape 4.x has only limited colors styles but is basically the unstyled page (perfect for it). There was some breakage in IE 4.x. Being that the content was predominately accessible and usable, the breakage in styles is completely acceptable. Especially when it concerns such unsupported legacy equipment like that which I mentioned.

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Blog Functions

Important: This theme requires configuration! Read Instructions.

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This file, USERS_FUNCTION, is yours for adding such blog add-ons as flickr, Skype, and other non-WP goodies. Do try to keep items added to this section at around 120 pixels or less in width to prevent the sidebar from slipping in IE on 800x600 resolution monitors. Need to add CSS styles for items in this box? Easy, use the USERS_CSS file to do so. Then validate!

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Blogger’s FarBar

This file, USERS_FARBAR, is yours for whatever you wish. Text in simple paragraphs, <p></p> lists, whatever. This is a liquid-width column. That said, you should to keep whatever — fixed-width item — below 120 pixels wide. Again, that concerns fixed-width items, self-forming, liquid items like text in paragraphs will adjust its own width. If you must place a slighter wider item, you can use the USERS_FUNCTION or USERS_SIDEBAR file to do so, but do note that that too should remain thin at only 162 pixels as it is a fixed-width column.

Added Headings!

You can also add headings in these user files. As many as you like. On and on she goes, where she stops. nobody knows! Do remember, though, in these file you have to use proper XHTML. Of course, this content can serve as example to you. Need even more help? Well, professional help is available.

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