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Hello there. Are you here because you want to know more about me? No kidding? That is very cool. Very nice of you. Thanks. I’ll share some, but I have other resources which cover this ground in more detail. I’ll present you with those in a minute. First this:

I live in Nottingham, New Hampshire, not to be confused with the Nottingham in the old Hampshire in the United Kingdom. I’m in the United States. I have a wife of (checks watch) twenty years, Georgann, and two kids, Sarah and Chris. I enjoy boating, 4-wheeling, gardening, web development, design, and some light programming and scripting. I’m not necessarily into computing, but it does make a lot of what I like to do possible.

I am a busy guy. My time is limited and valuable. I have several Irons in my Fire, so-to-speak. First and foremost would be my first company. I still lead the company, but I am not present more than about eight hours a week. It is a primarily a business-to-business, business-to-institution mail-order firm called The Green Spot (my favorite color) which supplies biological pest control agents. If you’re wondering what that is, the first place to find out is my website called GreenMethods.com.

The rest of my life is fairly web-centric with the following making up the rest of my work-time life (which is a sizable chuck I assure you).

This is home to my portfolio, my web design and development site. It is there that I maintain my Beast-Blog web log, home of the original, and quite popular Beast-Blog theme for WordPress. It is noted for its accessibility like “SeaBeast.”
A site which evaluates other leading sites. The criteria states that the submitted sites be valid, accessible, usable, universal, and they must look great. Style is important. Accessible sites need not be boring. I founded this, but I do it with a whole group called “Team Access.”
An online accessibility testing tool designed to visually convert a full-color web page into a grayscale rendition for the purpose of visually testing the page’s perceived contrast. This I do with my friend Jonathan Fenocchi.
This I do with my friend and business partner Scott Hege. It’s fully managed web hosting. For the client we do everything so they don’t have to.
This is my photography site. I am an exclusive contributor for iStockphoto.com.

Want to know more? The promised resources not enough? Here’s my official About Page.

Photo of my boat: SeaBeast

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