Adding your own WordPress Smilies

Posted July 21st, 2007 by Mike Cherim

On a site I’m making I added a table of available smilies on one of the pages in the help section (similar to the smiley list my daughter has on her blog). It’s part of the site’s help section. The audience will be a mix of somewhat savvy surfers and complete novices. Many I’d say won’t know what a blog is. Thus I’m offering a lot of passive site support. While making this table of smilies I decided to add three of my own. It’s really quite easy. Here’s how I did it:

Make the images

First step is to make the smilies or emoticons. An easy way to jump start this process, if you plan on making round smilies, is to grab one of the existing smilies (located in wp-includes/images/smilies/) and overlay it with a solid color, starting the creation from there. Doing this ensures all of the image properties are set and well optimized. Saves time.

Once made, just export them to the same folder. You can name them whatever you want to, and they don’t have to be GIFs I suppose, but I stuck to the precedent set by WordPress: icon_iconname.gif. Upload the images to the same directory (located in wp-includes/images/smilies/) on your web server.

Add them to the array

Next thing you have to do is to add the image names and the character combinations you’ll want to use to make them with to the array in the vars.php file located in the wp-includes directory. Make sure you use a text editor like NotePad to do this. The array is pretty easy to spot. It begins on line 44 (version 2.0.10). You add the lines you need for your new custom smilies the same way the others are done. It’s really quite straightforward. Here’s what I added to mine:

  ':beast:'    => 'icon_beast.gif',
  ':E'         => 'icon_beast.gif',
  ':goof:'     => 'icon_goofy.gif',
  ':goofy:'    => 'icon_goofy.gif',
  ':lady:'     => 'icon_ladybug.gif',
  'O:'	       => 'icon_ladybug.gif',

As you can see there are six lines of code, but I only made three smilies. The reason is I wanted two different ways to make them.


Here’s the end result:

  • If I write :beast: or :E I get :beast: (Green-Beast)
  • If I write :goofy: or :goof: I get :goofy: (Goofy)
  • If I write :lady: or O: I get a :lady: (Ladybug)

If I ever get bored I think I’ll make a few more! The ones I made aren’t real good, but I can work on that and in due time… for now, it sure was fun making them.

9 Responses to: “Adding your own WordPress Smilies”

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  2. Joe Dolson responds:
    Posted: July 21st, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Nice one, Mike. I’ve never really thought about customizing that aspect of Wordpress. It’s a great touch, though!


  3. Jermayn Parker responds:
    Posted: July 23rd, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Yeah I have seen this done before with a forum before..

    Are there any tutorials which help you edit the admin section? I feel that this is the ‘untouched’ area of WordPress..

  4. Custom WordPress Smiley Icons » 1955 Design » Accessible Website Design responds:
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  5. Michael responds:
    Posted: August 10th, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Don’t forget, since WordPress 2.2 you have to edit the functions.php instead of the vars.php ;)

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