A Blue Beanie Day for Web Standards

Posted November 24th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

I figured I’d pass this along, albeit a little close to the eleventh hour. There is a Facebook event called “Blue Beanie Day 2007” that you can easily attend. After all, it is being held in your location. All you need is a Zeldmanesque blue beanie hat (real or Photo-Shop’d), a photo of you wearing it, and an appreciation of web standards and accessibility. This event, scheduled for November 26th, is the brainchild of Douglas Vos, the man behind the Facebook Designing with Web Standards Group.

Will I see you there? I hope so. To attend, post your photo on the Flicker Blue Beanie Day 2007 Pool, on the Facebook group page, or whatever social network you’re part of, and be sure to change your profile photo the day of the event (note to self). You can get all the details on the event page.

Need a blue beanie? Grab mine.

One Response to: “A Blue Beanie Day for Web Standards”

  1. JackP responds:
    Posted: November 26th, 2007 at 7:54 am

    Blue beanies? Didn’t they invade Pepperland? :-)

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