Posted January 7th, 2006 by Mike Cherim Big news!, after six months of careful planning [Read: five-and-a-half months of procrastination, followed by a two-week rush], has finally launched and seems already to be a hit. It’s a good thing it is because it’s for a good cause: To promote solid design. To change some perceptions and misconceptions about accessible websites.

Accessible sites are boring, right? Wrong assumption, and I intend to prove it. Not by myself, though, but rather with a team of people I refer to as *Team Access, and even we won’t be on our own. The real power, the driving force behind the whole thing will be the combined effort of many, hopefully hundreds or even thousands of web developers from all over the world. After all it will be them who will create the websites we will feature. It is they who will prove that accessible, usable sites can still be smokin’ hot.

To view the site, by all means pay a visit, bookmark it, and subscribe to the RSS feeds: one for the Home Page News and Announcements and another for the Website Showcase itself. Participate, volunteer, support us. Help us with Our Mission. And please, by all mean, tell others and send a link our way. See you there.

*I’d provide links to each of their sites and mention their names here, but the way things are going I’d have to update it almost daily. I’m way too busy for that and I choose not to leave anyone out. The Team Page, on the other hand, I will keep up-to-date so please check out the team members there… complete with mug shots and links to their sites. That said, please note that non-member Gez Lemon has also been a great help to us.

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  1. Tony responds:
    Posted: January 7th, 2006 at 11:28 am

    Congrats on launch!

    It’s a great idea, and there can never be too many sites shouting the accessibility message! I like the alt style aswell. Will there be a forum?

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