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Posted March 1st, 2006 by Mike Cherim

Link sharing is becoming quite popular on the web, and there’s a new service in town that facilitates this sharing. Specifically I speak of Ma·gnolia. There I started a group, Accessible Web Developers which shares bookmarks related to accessible web development, of course.

I first read about the Ma·gnolia service in October of 2005 in a Zeldman Daily Report, at which point I signed up for the beta launch. Later, after the beta launch, after I had been active there for about a month, it was featured again in a later Zeldman Daily Report.

Basically it works like this: You sign up for — or start — a group. You, like other people will join the group if the subject is of interest. Group members submit their favorite website/web page bookmarks relevant to the group’s topic. Simple. The advantage, if it’s not clear, is the pooling of useful resources. If I know of a cool article, I can link to it and expose the other group members to the content. If this didn’t exist, a tool allowing me to share, the number of people who discover the linked resource would be much smaller.

And of course, this also works in reverse: If a group member finds a cool article and submits it to the group’s bookmarks list, I can find it, explore it, and be rewarded by the find. In reality, if not for a service like this, I’d surely miss out on some great resources. Good stuff for all.

As I wrote, I stared a (public-join-able) group called Accessible Web Developers. If you’re into web accessibilities, please feel free to join the group. It’s not the most popular group on the site with only 85 members presently, but it should be if you catch my drift.

Launch Ma.gnolia Do you want to link to Ma·gnolia? Please feel free to use this little link icon I made. I sent it to the people who run the service and have expressed interest in the icon. They told me it fits well. I was told that at some point in the future they will publicly offer the icon I made. Until then, get it now right here.

Link Code (XHTML shown)

<a href="">
   <img src="magnolicon.png" width="80" height="15" alt="Launch Ma.gnolia" />

4 Responses to: “My Links are Your Links”

  1. Jonathan Fenocchi responds:
    Posted: March 3rd, 2006 at 2:47 am

    I signed up when it was still beta. I got the confirmation email and went to login, but when I try to login it says that my account hasn’t been activated and to click a link that will resend the activation email. It’s still yet to resend the activation email to me, and I know it hasn’t gotten deleted all 8 times I’ve tried this.

  2. vxx_fgh responds:
    Posted: March 25th, 2006 at 7:00 am

    nice blog

    There’s also more. We don’t just install a style and say, ahh, looks good, lets release it. We have a huge checklist of things to do with the new style (basically we have to try *every* operation you do on a normal board, replying, quoting, all the BBcode, splitting, moving, locking, admin pannel, etc).

    We also have to check for things such as reference to images outside of their own directory (quite a few styles forget to make

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