Mike’s Experiments - PHP: Ad Generator

If you have a large number of sponsors for your web site but have little real estate for their ads, or you simply wish to not inundate your site’s visitors with a large number of ads, this script will offer some random ad renderings in a given location offering some ad diversity.
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Sponsors Ad Infinitum!

To see how this ad generator works, reload this page. Some ads will appear consecutively; it’s purely random. Below is the output so you can see what’s being produced. See legend below.

<a href="http://green-beast.com/" title="Have a web site or blog built today!">
<img src="images/gbdc.jpg" width="468" height="60" alt="Green-Beast.com: Accessible Standards-Compliant Web Development" /></a>
Green-Beast.com: Accessible Standards-Compliant Web Development

Colors Legend: Mark-up in Blue is the link, Red is the image, and Green is the dynamic output.