More About…

On this page I expand upon some of the details introduced to you on my Home page. The finer points, if you will. On this page you will also find even more links to help you find out more.

What Mike Does

As I mentioned, I develop web sites. I no longer, however, do this full time and tend to perform these duties for clients only. I may consider smaller projects and some small scripting requests. I also offer graphics design services to include the creation of logos, banners, posters, business cards, identity packages, and all the usual suspects. I want to do more of these types of projects nowadays. It’s getting back to my roots. I have, after all, been doing graphics design on and off for my own company and a handful of clients since the early nineties. Of course, as also mentioned, I’m a photographer, but more on that is available on You can also see — and purchase — my stock photos from iStock/Getty Images.

How Mike Does It

With meticulous, loving care. With web design and development my focus has always been on a mix of accessibility, usability, and clean design. I also have a keen focus on search engine optimization or SEO, page performance, and myriad other items of great importance. The web sites and blogs I have created are technically near-perfect, adhering to the latest web standards to better ensure their forward compatibility well into the future. I do it this way because, in my eyes, it’s the only way. I create sites and blogs for others that I often wish I had made for myself. Each project is tended to as if it were my own. The same applies to my design of graphics.

The design of graphics, manipulation of photographs, and other image-related services are all available to you. I am very creative and deal well with taking the most naked concept and from it creating something special. I do prefer to have creative license after receiving initial instructions. My clients, as they will testify on the side bar of my Projects and Past Works pages, have been very happy with the arrangement and ultimately what I had created for them.

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