Tidying Up The Blog

Posted November 28th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

I hope this’ll make my web log easier to use and enjoy.

I decided it was time to clean up this web log a bit, tidy stuff up. I had only four categories and the number of articles was and is ever-growing. Stuff was going to start getting hard to find outside of the Search feature, if it wasn’t already, so I didn’t do something about it. I have created five new categories in addition to the four I had, and I have split things up. Love this WordPress in that it allows such flexibility. Here are the new categories, the old ones, and a brief explanation of each.

  • Wicked Wild Web: Articles about web design, development, and about webby things in general. Sort of a web topics catch-all.
  • Imagery & Graphics: Articles about web- and print-use imagery and graphics and other imagery related topics.
  • Beast Ramblings: Articles of general interest, some news item, and random topics. This is my catch-all of catch-alls.
  • Access Counts: Articles about matters of web accessibility and usability, even some web standards talk since it’s such a big part of it.
  • New! Fiction Department: This is the place if you want to settle in for a story or two… Do you like them? Tell me please. Writing is a passion of mine.
  • New! All Things PHP: For all that is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, with a sprinkle of JavaScript. My scripting catch-all perhaps.
  • New! Computer Stuff: I do not know much about computers, but every once in a while I think about them, their software, and their use.
  • New! Coding & Markup: Extensible or vanilla, this is the Hypertext Markup Language category. If it has to do with the code, it’ll be here.
  • New! Do It CSS Style: Do it with Cascading Style Sheets — This is for them and all that’s related to them.

I hope this’ll make my web log easier to use and enjoy.

In Other News

I also decided to officiate my Green-Beast PHP Contact Form by creating an official download page. Moreover, I added a really simple configuration at the top of the PHP file so setting up and using the thing should be a piece of cake. The CSS is also heavily commented for making customizations. :)

One Response to: “Tidying Up The Blog”

  1. Fabian responds:
    Posted: November 30th, 2005 at 6:05 am

    It would be good for Textpattern to have the flexibility which wordpress has about categories.

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