GBCF-v3 Secure & Accessible Form Script

Introducing Mike Cherim's GBCF-v3 Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form.
Contact form spam is bad for everyone, but with this script you can rest easy knowing your form is safe, accessible, and valid. Now, as 5165001 others have done, you can download it for free. Want to learn more first? Check out the included validation, help (updated 8.04.2018 at 3:12 pm), and test form pages.

Form Version: v3 - Build Number: B3.20090130.01 - Model Number: SASU - Blocked: 25397 - Help »

Form Introduction


The version two of my form, which is also available as a WordPress plugin (this copy is not yet for WP), works well, but there were enough little support-craving issues to warrant creating a version 3. This is it and it's more than just a secure and accessible contact form. This version is feature rich — language support, choices about what inputs to offer, display options, and much more. Plus, even though you won't get this page, the other pages, the validation, help, and test form pages, actually come with the download and are designed to help you set it up and pre-test the script. This version is sophisticated, powerful, flexible, and easy to install (I think so) if you take it a step at a time. So, what do you think?

Form Features

This version is has myriad features and fine details. Way too many to list them all here. But here's a quick overview:

Change Log

A brief overview of script changes with upgrade suggestions. Files marked with !!! means those are files you may have edited. (Important: All updates require the version.php file to be swapped out.)

Come back now and then to check for upgrades. Every attempt will be made to keep them simple drag-and-drop operations.

Form Contributions

I can't do all this myself. I get by with a little help from others. In the case of this form I would like to acknowledge the following people. (Note: Language files may not appear as they really are on your browser due to encoding.)

If you would like to be a contributor, style sheets and language files are needed (nl, tr, ro, ja, sv, pl, da, ru, es-sp, zh-tw, pt-br, it, sk, zh-cn, el, my, ca, pt, id, fr, no, he, lv, es, cy, en, be, en-us, de, fi, gl, en-gb, are already done). See the default style sheet and default en language file to serve as working examples or templates if you will. To learn more about this opportunity, use the test form to get in touch. If you have contributor language questions, please see this language help file, then contact Mike if you still need help. Current themes available: default (green), blue, gray, orange, and hebrew.

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