Web Standards

Posted March 24th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

Standards are important. It helps developers produce the same mark-up, which conversely corrects many browser-related issues — like those associated with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer® not displaying the same page as one would see with a more standardized browser like Mozilla’s Firefox®. This, in-turn, optimistically-speaking, may spark an interest in the developers of WYSIWYG web-design programs such as Macromedia’s Dreamweaver® and Microsoft’s FrontPage® to get with the program. I mean why should they care if developers don’t? It’s like the wild west out there. It’s understandable, too. As soon as I get up to grab a bite to eat, a new technology is developed. It’s tough keeping up. As web developers, though, it is our responsibility to do the very best we can. Without compromise, without exception.

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