Beast Blog Theme v.1.1

Attention Visitors: Beast-Blog v.1.1 has been reborn Beast-Blog v.2.0 and extensively rebuilt. You are welcome to download the traditional theme on this page, but the new one is a lot better so I’ll have to suggest it instead. If you like the style and images seen on this blog, it’s all included as an bonus pack in the newly styled version’s download. Either way, enjoy!

This is the official page of the “Beast Blog” WordPress Theme. It is now being released to the public. On this page you will find a theme summary, installation instructions, a file list, a disclaimer, and anything and everything else you might want or need to know. If you have questions about this theme, please feel free to contact me. Also check out my related downloads for more good stuff.

Summary & Description

The Beast-Blog theme — what you are seeing on this site right now — was instantly in demand as soon as I announced it (twice). People seem to like its cleanliness and open architecture. It’s a simple, lightweight theme in its appearance. Folks asked me to make it available so I decided to do just that. I’ll be famous. ;)

The Beast-Blog theme is coded to XHTML 1.0 Strict, instead of the default Transitional mark-up level. I also added accessibility features such as hidden navigational jump links — for content and navigation — wide navigation (optional), and focus for form fields as well as links so the keyboard tabbers out there can get around without getting lost. On top of all this, to allow an image banner without making the folks who have images disabled (dial-up users mostly) lose out, they still get the <h1></h1> blog name. The description is only available as the main heading’s title attribute or “tool-tip.” This should be fine, though. The banner trick is my variation of Dave Shea’s revised image replacement technique.

Installation and Set-up Instructions

This is a pretty easy process consisting of the following steps (the README.txt file has this info as well):

  1. Download and extract the files therein. - (File List)
  2. Place the single “/beastblog/” folder on your web server in the /themes/ folder. Here’s the typical path: /blog/wp-content/themes/.
  3. Open the /beastblog/ folder and set the CHMOD permissions on the “Editable” files to 666. - (File List)
  4. In your Admin Control Panel edit the files as your needs dictate. Here is a brief explanation of the editable files:
    • allowable_code.php - This has default “Allowable Mark-up” content and shouldn’t really need editing.*
    • author_info.php - This has default “Blog Author” content which you will want to edit.**
    • comment_rules.php - This has default content “Comment Rules” that you may want to edit. There is a post link limit number which should match the settings in your Admin Control Panel’s “Options.”*
    • comments.php - Edit this only to disable the “Comment Rules” or “Allowable Mark-up” includes completely. (File has instructions in it.)*
    • header.php - Edit this only if you want to add more keywords. Note: There is a “favicon.ico” link installed already if you have a favicon for your domain.
    • optional_home.php - This is a file for a text link (under the search field) to your Blog’s Home page.**
    • optional_nav.php - This is a file for the large top level navigational links (above “Blog Author”). This can be ideal if you’re integrating the blog into your existing site.**
    • sidebar.php - Edit this only to disable the “Blog Author,” “Optional Home Link,” “Optional Nav Links,” or “SideBar Misc” includes completely.**
    • sidebar_misc.php - This file is only if you wish to add additional content to your sidebar (below all links). Great for icons, advertising, etc. Do note that you will need to insert XHTML for this to work correctly. (File has instructions in it.)**
    • style.css - Edit this file to set your “highlight color.” By default it is a light green shown as #99cc66 (background is #fafafa). In case you need it, this should help you find color codes.**
  5. Images will need to be edited, most notably the file called bb_banner.jpg as that has the name of the blog and by-line. I have included all native images to allow you to edit them easily assuming you can work with native *.png files. I have also included the fonts used in case you do not have them and want to keep the same. If help is needed, please contact me. - (File List)

Important Information

Disclaimer. I cannot and will not warrant this theme is free from defects. I hope, as you do, that it is defect and bug free. That said, by downloading and using this theme, you are accepting all risks and responsibility.

Functionality. It is running currently in version 1.5 here it also seems to work fine in versions 1.5 through version 2.0. I tried to make it in such a way that it will remain extensible and easily upgradeable. I also added a few files that I think will make it easier for novices to make custom sidebar edits. I hope so, anyway. Be sure to check out bugs and errors list for important updates and other information.

Support. Again, you’re free to contact me if you need help with the theme or its files. If you need help with other WordPress file-related matters, please be sure to visit the WordPress Support Forums. Also, you may find answers in the copious amounts of documentation available in the WordPress Codex.

Warning! The Beast Blog theme DOES NOT support the “Wordpress Calendar” or the “Comments Pop-up.” Sorry, but if you have these things in-use on your WordPress web log then you will not be able to use the Beast Blog theme without re-adding the comments-popup.php file and adding the applicable entries to the style.css file.

Imagery Note. You must be able to work with images to use this theme as the banner text is in image form. This can be done for you for a small fee, and extensive image work can be done for a little bit more depending of what you need done. If this is of interest to you, please contact me.

Terms of Use

The Beast Blog Theme is free to download and use. You may also modify it however you see fit. You may not redistribute it as a WordPress theme without permission. If you are a web developer and wish to use this theme on a client’s WordPress web log, please feel free to do so. Beyond the scope outlined above, the “Beast Blog” theme files, modifications, and imagery is protected by copyright.

Now, I do ask for three things if you will be so kind (I know, I know, it’s a lot):

  1. Please leave the footer link intact (Required).
  2. Please leave the CSS header data intact (Needed).
  3. Please add me to your Blogroll (Optional).
    1. Url:
      Description: Mike Cherim's Professional and Personal Web Log
      Display: Beast-Blog or Mike Cherim

Donations. If you’re interested in making a contribution, please contact me and I’ll tell you how. Thank you.

File List

The download contains a single folder which contains the following files:

  • README.txt (read this)
  • /fonts/ (image fonts if needed)
    • arlrdbd.ttf - Arial Round Bold
    • napo.ttf - Napo SF
    • napobd.ttf - Naop SF Bold
  • /images/ (active images)
    • bb_background.jpg
    • bb_banner.jpg
    • bb_dot.gif
    • bb_footer.gif
    • bb_hr.gif
    • bb_quotes.gif
    • /img_natives/ (native images for editing)
      • bb_background.png
      • bb_banner.png
      • bb_dot.png
      • bb_footer.png
      • bb_hr.png
      • bb_quotes.png
  • 404.php - (Modified)
  • allowable_code.php - New! (Editable)
  • archive.php - (Modified)
  • archives.php - (Modified)
  • author_info.php - New! (Editable)
  • comment_rules.php - New! (Editable)
  • comments.php - (Modified/May Edit)
  • focus_js.js - New!
  • footer.php - (Modified)
  • header.php - (Modified/May Edit)
  • index.php - (Modified)
  • links.php - (Modified)
  • optional_home.php - New! (Editable)
  • optional_nav.php - New! (Editable)
  • page.php - (Modified)
  • search.php - (Modified)
  • searchform.php - (Modified)
  • sidebar.php - (Modified/Editable)
  • sidebar_misc.php - New! (Editable)
  • single.php - (Modified)
  • style.css - (Modified/Editable)

Updates and Bugs

The following bugs have been reported and fixed.

  1. Bug/error reported:
    Comments.php - 2 errors - lines 84 and 85
    1. Download corrected file:
      Download updated file - Corrected 10-23-2005
    2. Zip file status:
      The download has been updated as of 10-23-2005 at around 4:30 pm est. Affects first 109 downloads.
  2. Minor IE 7 Issue: Read about IE 7 Whitespace bug fix — super simple! Status is unpatched, but the fix is extremely simple.

To date, the “Beast Blog” theme has been downloaded 3186 times. Download version number: 1.1 — Release date: Oct. 22nd, 2005. This download version was last updated on: Oct. 23rd, 2005

French Version Available!
French Version released Oct. 24th, 2005
Translation by: “PatrickMerci beaucoup!
Download French Version | Télécharger la Version Française
Hebrew Version Available!
Hebrew Version released Sept. 13th, 2006
Translation by: “Sharon GefenToda raba!
Download Hebrew Version | להורדת הגירסה העברית
Binary Version Available!
Binary Version released Sept. 14th, 2006
Translation by: “Neal Venditto0111010001111001
Download Binary Version | 010001000100001001010110

Related Downloads

Here’s other stuff that may interest you.

Beast-Blog-ready WordPress Contact Form

A WordPress contact form plugin is available and comes complete with Beast-Blog theme styling support. If you need more information or want to get this plguin for your blog, Read more about the Contact Form »

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WordPress v.2.0 Items

If you’re using the Beast Blog theme for WordPress version 2.0, you may want to take these items. First a screen shot for your admin panel Presentation page (click on this thumbnail for full size 300×225 px image):
Click for full size v.1.5 Admin Theme Screenshot
…and also a new header for your style.css file, slightly modified from the old CSS header. Here’s the new header (copy and paste it, Theme URI is one line):

Theme Name: Beast-Blog
Theme URI:
Description: Clean, simple, usable and accessible design by <a href="">Mike Cherim</a>. Strictly coded.
Author: Mike Cherim
Author URI:
Version: v.1.1

Version 1.5 Pre Box

If you’re a code writer online, it’s very likely you’ll want to do so in a “pre” code box (like that shown above and below). To do so, you will need a CSS entry to handle the code’s long lines, space preservation (this is what pre stands for), and you may even want a background image. That said, you may also need to modify line 75 on the file call functions-formatting.php located in the wp-includes folder. The reason is to stop the escaping of slashes… from this \"stuff\" to "stuff". This is the code you’ll want to put on that line (last line of the wp-autop function):

$pee = preg_replace('!(<pre.*?>)(.*?)</pre>!ise', " stripslashes('$1') . stripslashes(clean_pre('$2')) . '</pre>' ", $pee);

Once this is done, you’ll then need to add some CSS.

pre {
   font: 1.1em 'Courier New', Courier, Fixed, monospace;
   color: #000;
   background : #fff url(images/preback.jpg) repeat-y top left;
   width : 90.5%;
   overflow : auto;
   height : 100px;
   min-height : 100px;
   height : auto;
   border : 1px solid #99cc66; /*highlight color */
   padding : 0 20px 0 30px;

After that, all that’s left is to upload the background image to the theme’s images folder. Here’s the image source: Preback.jpg (1700×1700 67kbs).

Note: I used to have a theme showcase here listing blogs that were using the theme, but it was way out of date and I couldn’t keep up with it — way too overwhelming even trying. I’m sorry, but due to these things, I decided to take it down. Don’t be mad at me if you were listed on it. Okay?

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