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What Goes Around, Keeps Going

Posted June 29th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

Here’s a piece of fiction that came to me recently — based loosely on the saying “what comes around, goes around” — and I finally got it down on the digital paper I call my blog. It’s a strange multi-first-person tale dished out one scene at a time. I’ve never written a story like this before so I hope you’ll bear with me if I goof. Be warned, there is a small amount of foul language in it. I don’t think it’s usually necessary to get a point across, but it fits here. It’s a little bit on the long side, but I hope you’ll find it worthy of your time and a good read.

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Suggestions for Setting Up WordPress

Posted June 25th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

When I install a brand new copy of WordPress I typically have a ritual of sorts as I fire it up. The default configuration is okay, but I do make changes to better suit my needs and tastes. I feel this is a very important step and worthy of due consideration. I’m not saying this what you should do, nor am I working on their latest version so there’s no doubt that if you’re using version 2.2, some of these practices may be slightly different.

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An Offset Content Penalty?

Posted June 14th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

I want to do the right thing regarding accessibility and usability, but I don’t want to be viewed as some unethical search whore in the process.

Google handles search abuse reports on sites by compiling the submitted and discovered data, then adjusting their search algorithms to counter the identified abuse method next time around. This is an effective method of dealing with abuse and violations it seems — the most practical method, anyway. As an example, abuse such as using the style sheet display property “none” to hide a slew of links was reported to or discovered by Google, and now their algorithms can identify this type of index-inducing violation and respond accordingly.

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The Reality of Dealing with a Mule

Posted June 5th, 2007 by Mike Cherim

I’ve discussed the poor quality of free code and applications before. Since very few people had helped me spread the word as I had hoped for, I’m at it again. I realize it isn’t going to be easy to get the core of the development community to change, but I’m no quitter.

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