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Picture This

Posted July 28th, 2008 by Mike Cherim

Picture this, there’s this guy who loves web development, but lately hasn’t done much of it. You might wonder why. Well, I’m that guy, and I have been telling you for a month or three that I’ve been up to something on the side. The deal is, as you may have gotten from the title, I have been hard at work on becoming a photographer. I enjoy photography, I have been an amateur since I was a boy, and it suits me. How it suits me and how I got to this point is a bit of a story.

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Mad World to Mad Web

Posted July 10th, 2008 by Mike Cherim

I’ve been trying to find the time for a post — and I have a couple of good ones in draft form — but nothing is ready to go. Then again, I have been trying to cut my hours to something resembling a normal person’s, so less time is being devoted to… well, everything. That is why this post is so strange in my opinion. It’s really out of the blue. Conception to completion happened in the blink of an eye. I rewrote the lyrics for Mad World, the Gary Jules/Michael Andrews version (originally it was written and performed by Tears for Fears). I gave the song an angle a web developer might appreciate. Here’s Mad Web:

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