Accessible SeaBeast Theme for WordPress

Posted June 2nd, 2006 by Mike Cherim

SeaBeast - An Accessible WordPress Theme by Mike Cherim I’ve just released a new WordPress theme I’m calling “SeaBeast” to which I’ve gotten good feedback on so far. I’m pretty happy with it. It represents a ton of work that’s for sure. The reason is while on the surface it may seem simple, there are a host of features and added functionality built right in. And there’s more. I created it in such a way that you don’t have to make any of the usual files writable — the ones some people have problems with, like sidebar.php for example — because they don’t need editing. Everything is done via the well-commented configuration files I created. Oh, and it’s quite accessible.

I see lots of blogs out there that are fine until the owners start adding third-party add-ons, gizmos, and, of course, doo-dads. And that’s when things can go awry. Between the code quality of some of these things and the owner trying to stuff them in some file full of other mark-up and script blocks, it’s no wonder themes become invalid and sometimes presentationally challenged — to be nice. I decided to take a lot of the blood, sweat, and tears out of it and try to simplify. Yet, not hold back on features, both those included — contact form page, stats, instant dynamic site map, and much more — and others which can be simply plugged in; made for the theme.

Anyway, I’m wicked pleased with the outcome of this project, hopefully we’ll soon have an outbreak of valid and accessible web logs on the Internet. Check out the SeaBeast Theme Demo & Support Site and feel free to download it from there if you like the thing.

5 Responses to: “Accessible SeaBeast Theme for WordPress”

  1. Liquid Designs responds:
    Posted: June 6th, 2006 at 4:24 pm


    Mike Cherim of Graybit fame has recently notified me of SeaBeast, an accessible, fluid layout theme for Wordpress. It’s hard to find great looking themes with so many accessibility features included, so SeaBeast is definitely worth a look.

  2. Dennis at CEUSA responds:
    Posted: July 31st, 2006 at 3:17 pm

    Wow, the SeaBeast theme looks awesome. I gotta try it sometime soon!

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