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Posted July 22nd, 2005 by Mike Cherim ScreenShot
I just wanted to announce the launch of my company’s site about biological pest control and integrated pest management (IPM). It’s a rather expansive site, but it matches the subject matter to a tee. It, too, is expansive. The site took me about a month-and-a-half to make and that was a period of long hours. It represents half of what I’ve learned about web development (the other half was long ago tossed out the window.)

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Web Developers and Firefox

Posted July 12th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

When checking my server logs I see a whopping 90% of visitors of all combined domains (I have a bunch) using Microsoft Internet Explorer, IE, when they visit my sites. The only time I see radical changes to this is when I have a site out for review or critique and it’s linked from one of the web developer forums I visit on and off. When a site is out for review I notice the number of other browsers goes up quite a bit, especially Mozilla’s Firefox (IE-using visitor numbers drop to 70-80%). It makes sense to me. After all one of the largest Firefox followings is from the web development community. That’s because web developers know and understand the clear benefits to using such a good browser. So, during these review periods I have a lot of Firefox-using web developers visting. Otherwise, the number drops once review time settles down. The masses revert to IE. So what am I getting at? What’s my point?

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Accessible Smart Tables

Posted July 4th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

This is sort of out of date. The tech is okay, but the colors I used are poor choices.

Today, class, we will build some “Accessible Smart Tables.” First you will need to gather some two-by-fours… oh, wait, wrong class. All we’ll need here is Notepad or another text editor for writing our code. I will show you how to build a table with web accessibilities in mind, and it’ll be a table with a bit more functionality and style than one would normally have. But, first, let’s have a brief look at tables and the purpose they serve, then we’ll address how to make them better.

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