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What the Flock?!

Posted January 25th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

There’s a new web browser in town. Namely, the developer version of Flock Browser is now available for download. So far I like it because my pages render well in it without breakage. At least that’s telling me the bowser is off to a good start. It’s supposed to be a “social” browser to faciliate sharing and community.

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Counting Clicks with PHP

Posted January 16th, 2006 by Mike Cherim

A rather simple PHP solution to help you count your clicks.

If you know me, you know I like stats. I’ve got no problem with putting a hit counter (though not a rented or external one) on one of my sites. In fact my Home Page has one at the footer. It’s just for my portfolio and doesn’t record my unique blog hits — approaching 10,000 — that’s kept on a separate counter which isn’t displayed. You might also notice the counters I have on my blog’s side bar. I like numbers. It’s good to know if anyone’s online, how many visitors I’ve had, or how many times something has been downloaded. If I didn’t count these things, I would never know that my Beast-Blog theme, for instance, has been downloaded almost 2000 times as of this writing. And trust me when I say I would have never guessed the number would be so high. Unlike my site hit counter which maintains an IP address list and records unique hits only, the click counter doesn’t record unique persons downloading, but each number represents a link-click and subsequent *.zip file download. Yep, numbers can be interesting, and telling.

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Posted January 7th, 2006 by Mike Cherim Big news!, after six months of careful planning [Read: five-and-a-half months of procrastination, followed by a two-week rush], has finally launched and seems already to be a hit. It’s a good thing it is because it’s for a good cause: To promote solid design. To change some perceptions and misconceptions about accessible websites.

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