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Web Semantics and Search

Posted May 27th, 2008 by Mike Cherim

Semantics, schemantics, right? If that’s your view, you might want to start questioning it now. The importance of web semantics may be on the rise. Semantics is meaning. On the web semantic HTML conveys this meaning to the user and his or her user agent. It lends itself to web accessibility, and the clear content organization is extraordinarily helpful to being properly indexed by search engines. Someday this fact may be more important than ever thanks to an interesting new approach to search.

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Killing Off Web Widows

Posted May 14th, 2008 by Mike Cherim

I miss my words. Please, let me explain. I speak not of wives without husbands. I am instead talking about a typographers’ term that defines an undesirable situation that looks bad in print and is best avoided for reasons of both aesthetics and readability. The term pertains primarily to print as said, but it also applies to a web page situation that, in my opinion, is also best avoided. I’m not going to provide graphical example of the aforementioned malady, but I will offer a quick definition of the term I’ve introduced you to.

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