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Allowable Exclusion?

Posted March 26th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

An interesting discussion is going on at the GAWDS Organization Web Site that I feel may be of interest here:

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GBDC & Standards

Posted March 25th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

On GBDC or I touch on web standards and how they are applied on that site. Here I will tell you more, in some detail, as that is was my “portfolio” site, whereas this site is for more lengthy discussion on these matters.

The big push nowadays is to separate the code or markup from the presentational styles. Want to see what I mean? Just look at the source code for You will find no tables organizing things and no font tags declaring the color or type-face. That’s all done on a separate — and very easy to change and maintain — document called a CSS.

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Web Standards

Posted March 24th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

Standards are important. It helps developers produce the same mark-up, which conversely corrects many browser-related issues — like those associated with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer® not displaying the same page as one would see with a more standardized browser like Mozilla’s Firefox®.

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Blah, blah, blah…

Posted March 22nd, 2005 by Mike Cherim

So, for now, do feel free to drop by and say Hello back at me.

If you think I write, well, you’re right. It’s not always easy as my mind moves far faster than my fingers — as testimony to this just get me on instant messenger someday and you’ll see what I mean. I have to write though. That’s why I felt I desperately needed a web log or blog.

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