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Global PHP Header Use

Posted April 2nd, 2005 by Mike Cherim makes extensive use of PHP server-side includes. This technology is used throughout the site for nearly every grouping on every page. As an example, the Primary Navigation links which appear on every page is actually a single file which is included into the document body. The advantages may be clear to you already, but if not, they are…

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Chat Beast

Posted March 31st, 2005 by Mike Cherim

So he tells me: “Mike, check out what I’ve made in his usual modest way.” I do, and “Wow” is all I can say. The “he” I refer to is my friend Jonathan — who I consider a PHP guru of sorts. The thing he asks me to check out is a tidy little web application he made which he calls Chategory.

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PHP is Not a Drug

Posted March 25th, 2005 by Mike Cherim

PHP is not a drug (even though it may sound like one, namely PCP, but it sure can be addictive. What with it can do for web design and development, its benefits and potential uses cannot be overlooked. Thus, once developers begin employing PHP in their web sites, it’s really difficult to stop.

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